Brace yo self for a double shot of pure comicbook awesomeness straight to the vein!! It might be a little over a month, but COPRA #6 has finally arrived, along with Zegas #0 and #2, featuring more stories with everyone's favorite brother and sister, Emily and Boston. I don't need to continually harp on how good these books are, or how Michel Fiffe has revitalized my hope for the future of comics, or how Copra is basically showing Marvel and DC how to make a Super-Hero book or-- sorry, you get the point. Buy the damn books. You will thank me later.


(W/A) Michel Fiffe

This is the second part of our Tokyo adventure, the brutal climax to the crew’s main mission: stop Vitas. Call it a boiling point, call it endgame, call it a reason for me to draw a lot of broken glass, but this concludes the first Copra story arc with a bang.

Copra 1.jpg


(W/A) Michel Fiffe

This is the latest edition of short stories featuring the Zegas siblings, Emily & Boston, and by latest I mean that although the Zero Issue contains previously released work via webcomics: “Birthday”, “Cactus” and a couple more extra bits — most of it is presented in print for the very first time.

This early material initially lived online as a temporary solution while I figured out how to get it on to sheets of paper, and how to maybe involve a staple or two. I’m traditional that way, plus I had to feed my love for a page turn. It’s how I designed the stories to be seen, actually, and since they’re no longer available digitally, they can exclusively be read here. Just like the first two issues, Zegas #0 is a full color magazine-size comic book, 24 pages, signed by yours truly and numbered, limited to 400 copies.

zegas 1.jpg