(W/A) Michel Fiffe

The Copra Compendium collects the first three issues of the new nearly sold out action series, 72 full color pages with a couple of new bits of extra art. It’s the perfect jumping on point and a good chunk of comics in one solid package.


You've heard about it. We've talked about it. So so much. Probably to the point where you're tired of hearing it...but I don't care. Just flipping through this when it came in, the feel of the paper, the look of the ink on the page, the whole just reminded me of being a kid and reading comics. Like finding that weird one off issue in a dentist's office or somewhere and only ever getting one part of the story, causing you to spend the rest of your collecting years obsessively searching for a comic that you can only half remember the cover of, let alone the title. But it is for this that Michel Fiffe is awesome. He brings you the comic that you remember from your dreams, the idea of how cool that issue was when in actuality it was probably something like, Stormwatch or something, and takes you on a boom tube ride across imagination with a healthy dose of stupid, pure, fun.  Please do yourself a favor and get this book. If you already have it, buy it for a friend. Because friends don't let friends not read COPRA.