(W/A) Gilbert Hernandez

Originally serialized in Love and Rockets Vol. II but never completed until now, Julio's Day is Gilbert Hernandez's latest graphic novel, a masterpiece of elliptical, emotional storytelling that traces one life through a series of enthralling vignettes. While Julio's Day has some elements in common with Hernandez's Palomar cycle, this is very much a standalone story that will help cement his position as one of the strongest and most original cartoonists of our time.

I fell in love with this story with it's first installment and have been waiting for almost twelve years for it to be completed. If you are one of the poor souls who has never read a comic by the Hernandez Brothers now would be an excellent time to right that wrong. Los Bros are the best creators of female characters in the business, and if there's one thing that Beto does better than women, it's children.

recommended by erin.