Aron Steinke, a cartoonist and teacher from Portland, stopped by yesterday to drop off a batch of shiny new comix for mass consumption!! Wolf teachers, Dog parks and other humorous insights await you in these fantastically produced comics!



(W/A) Aron Steinke

Laugh-out-loud funny, chilling, and meditative, Big Plans collects Aron Nels Steinke's most intimate and relatable stories. With a unique sense of timing, these are incredibly readable comics that are hard to put down. Stories ranging from fear of terrorism, alcoholism, and a shooting at the mall, to a behind the curtain's look at the Academy Awards, Big Plans stands out as one of the most compelling works to come out of the modern DIY movement.

BIG PLANS: The Collected Mini-Comics and More collects Big Plans #1 - #5 and stories from Papercutter #9, Nerd Burglar, Song-Zine and Runner Runner.



(W/A) Aron Steinke

When he's not creating amazing comics, he's teaching.

Teaching elementary school.

He's assembled a great little mini-zine featuring comics all about the life of a teacher.

They're funny, clever and incredibly observant — both of what it means to be a kid and how they see the world, but how we, as adults interact with them



(W/A) Aron Steinke

Aron's latest book is perhaps his best to date. Switching gears a little from his love of cats, he takes on dogs.

So, all get on your bicycle and ride through the Super Duper Dog Park.

It is an awesome amusement park where dogs ride bikes, fly kites, and have an unforgettable day.

Aron spends countless hours drawing each comic panel with pen and ink. For most of this time Aron draws at the dining room table with a cat in his lap or out at the neighborhood coffee shop.



(W/A) Aron Steinke

Written about Aron's girlfriend and her three cats, Pele, August and Eppie, "The Super Crazy Cat Dance" is a wonderful new color hardcover book for kids and adults.

Rich blacks outlines are filled with colorful cats and cat-lovers, and they anoint this sometimes-rhyming, always enchanting, tale of cat ownership.

It's his self-proclaimed best work to date.

"Some are angry. Some are cranky. Some are short. And some are Lanky."

"You must kiss them. You must love them. You must hug them. You must hold them."


(W/A) Aron Steinke

Drawn in beautiful black and white, Neptune is an all-ages graphic novel about a couple of kids and their dog, Neptune, who just might have supernatural powers. Playful and witty, Neptune is quite simply a pleasure to read. Neptune is Aron Nels Steinke’s first graphic novel.