(W) Dr. Profane (A) Various

It's a calendar - It's a comic book - It's two great treats together (ok, I know I just used that joke a few weeks ago, but there you are).

Dr. Profane is extending his practice beyond the confines of Southern California and opening a branch office here at Zanadu Comics. This Mad Scientist (he claims he is not mad,  just easily irritated) is a man whose passion for sweetleaf, transgressive science and saucy photography is matched only by his passion for a woman who is all brain. Literally. His faithful companion, Margarita, is actually a brain that has been transplanted into a series of beautiful female bodies over many centuries (the first body she remembers inhabiting was that of Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti). They are joined in their adventures by Franco, champion grower, Mexican wrestling fanatic and rabid arachnaphobe. In this combination comic book/calendar every month of 2014 is preceded by a two-page comics adventure. The calendar for the month is highlighted by a saucy pinup of one of Margarita's hosts posed to emphasize a theme from that month's story. As an added bonus, each month gives you a new phrase to enter on the Dr. Profane website to access additional photos and stories throughout the year. All this for a measly Nine Bucks. No memberships! No Subscriptions!! No recurring fees!!!

Dr Profane 001.jpg