Sit down with the CSSG team for a special Thanksgiving edition of our weekly video hype experience that is Comics Should Smell Good!! As the holiday season looms closer and closer, some may need a good shot of four color weirdness to withstand the family interaction portion of the coming weeks and by George, you've come to the right place! Casey and Morgan are joined this week not only by our very own Dr. Marvel, Mr. Will Harris, but the lovely Anna Pederson as well to provide you with an extensive list of the best of the best this week which we guarantee will cure the most deadly of all holiday diseases--the dreaded ITIS!!

Seriously though, a big heartfelt thanks to everyone that has supported us over the past 38 years and an extra special thanks to those who sit through these strange things every week. Thank you thank you thank you. Now go tell your children the true story of thanksgiving. (I recommend south park) ;)