Back in stock after a record sell out of about 3 days, Michel Fiffe's COPRA is finally back in stock!!! Follow the exploits of a rag tag group of mercs framed for the death of 30,000 people as they try to not only stay alive, but uncover the mystery behind the magical thunderbolt (I have to no idea what to call it) that will undoubtedly bring about deeper questions with every answer! This is pure, fun, unbridled imagination oozed onto every page that will please both indy and mainstream fans alike!


(W/A) Michel Fiffe

Bullets! Parades! Dimensional portals! Demolished bodegas! Colors! Ink lines! What more could you possibly want out of a comic?

We also have #1 and 2 back in stock and at only $5 a pop, you'd be a fool not to stop whatever you're doing and get down here right NOW!

As an added bonus and testament to how friggin cool Fiffe is, here are trailers to all 3 issues!