(W) Ian Flynn  (A) Ben Bates

Red Circle Comics presents "Ashes to Ashes" Part One: Our world demands heroes - a new generation must RISE! Over a decade ago, the super

hero team known as The Mighty Crusaders did the impossible: they won. Successful in their battle against evil and finding they'd made the world a better place, the heroes settled down to the small town of Red Circle to start families, unwind and take a much-deserved rest. When the quiet town is rocked by the return of the ultimate evil, the super hero residents are obliterated! It's up to their heirs to fight for justice and crusade against evil. They are our last, best hope. They are: THE NEW CRUSADERS!
With the onslaught of Zero Month from DC Comics, you may be hankering for some exciting, all ages super-hero goodness that wont fall prey to the crossovers or gimmicks that both Marvel and DC pull from time to time. In the tradition of the classic Red Circle golden age heroes, this is a true-blue love letter to the super-heroics of the past, while still maintaining a modern, yet tasteful edge! RECOMMENDED BY PERRY!