We've got a batch of new stuff from recently relocated Seattleite, James the Stanton!! A delightful mix of psychedelic strangeness and some seriously bad ass self printing, these three books all have a very dream like quality to them that sticks with you long after reading.

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(W/A) James the Stanton

This book includes comics featuring characters such as: Snrmphk the Slob, Merlin the Classroom Guinea Pig, Some Random Monsters and the First of a Three-Part Mini-Series, which will be continued in Gnartoons, Issue #2. 18 pages (6" x 9"). Full color pages.



(W/A) James the Stanton

This book is very different from everything else that I've worked on, I drew it in a realism style so I hope nobody minds a break from the cartoons for a few pages. It tells the story of a strange and spooky dream that a friend of mine had. I spent a lot of time working on these pages last Winter, hope you like it... Now back to the toonz! Each Book Features an Original Hand Printed Cover.


(W/A) James the Stanton

Comics about lustful leviathans and the re-zoning of sea serpent maps. Each Book Features an Original Hand Printed Cover.