(W) Mark Waid  (A) Chris Samnee

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Rocketeer with an all-new full-length series!

Dave Stevens created the Rocketeer in 1982 and it has proven to be a uniquely enduring Character. Now Cliff Secord and the Rocketeer take to the skies once again as Mark Waid and Chris Samnee spin a yarn in the best tradition of Dave Stevens, bringing us a tale of great adventure, suspense and humor!
A ship docks in Los Angeles harbor from a far-off and exotic locale-with a big, mysterious... and living... cargo! Danger and mayhem abound as our hero leaps into the fray! Plus, we introduce a lovely new character who will be vying against Betty for Cliff's affections!
Tapping the red hot Daredevil team of Waid and Samnee, IDW rolls out the first new stories of the Rocketeer in, well, a long freaking time. A true classic in the comic world, the Rocketeer is a beautiful melding of action, mystery and hot ass women, set against the backdrop of LA in the 1930s where the skies are filled with bi-planes and blimps... and one man crazy enough to strap a jet pack to his back to fight for what he believes in. RECOMMENDED BY PERRY!