(W/A) Howard Chaykin

Sex, death, and the movies - what else really matters?
Nearly twenty five years ago, HOWARD CHAYKIN brought the 80s to a close, and comics to the brink, with his landmark erotic thriller, BLACK KISS. Now, after years of anticipation, he's back with issue one of BLACK KISS II, a six-part miniseries that tells the story behind that legendary story - like the original, in glorious black and white.
And really, now - does it have to be so dirty?

Filling the gaping hole of classy American erotica, Chaykin returns with his landmark series filled with desire, deceit and more ***jobs than you can shake a stick at. Love him or hate him, Chaykin remains one of the most unabashedly outspoken comic creators, constantly pushing the limits of what the medium is capable of handling. If you've only seen recent Chaykin, take a trip back to the days of AMERICAN FLAGG and prepare to have you socks blown off! You will never look at comics in the same light! RECOMMENDED BY PERRY!