(W) Anthony Bourdain & Joel Rose  (A) Langdon Foss

Don't miss this original graphic novel from Anthony Bourdain, renowned chef, New York Times bestselling author (Kitchen Confidential, Medium Raw) and star of the Emmy-winning hit travel show No Reservations and the brand new series The Layover! Co-written with Joel Rose (LA PACIFICA, Kill Kill Faster Faster) this stylized send-up of food culture and society features spectacular detailed and dynamic art by Langdon Foss. In a not-too-distant future of food obsessed L.A., where master chefs rule the town like crime lords and people literally kill for a seat at the best restaurant, Jiro, a renegade and ruthless sushi chef arrives in town with strong ideas of his own. It's a bloody culinary war of epic proportions, and in the end, no chef may be left alive!

Forget the Yakuza, the Mob and the Triads, there's a new organization in town...the CHEFS! From culinary master, Anothony Bourdain, comes a graphic novel about one of the building blocks of life and the lengths people are willing to go to try the best of the best. A unique and inventive look on what Iron Chef could end up as, this intricately detailed comic by newcomer, Langdon Foss, whose work reminds me of the late Seth Fisher, is sure to please the taste buds of even the most jaded food fanatic!! Plus, there's samurai sushi chefs... seriously, how bad ass is that? RECOMMENDED BY PERRY!