(W) Matt Fraction  (A) Gabriel Ba

One of the most critically acclaimed series of the year comes to its catastrophic conclusion. CASANOVA: AVARITIA #4 answers every question (almost), solves every riddle (kind of), and explains absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about the world of CASANOVA (in a way). Casanova Quinn, hated on all sides by tyrant and hero alike, must flee from time and space, aim one batch of enemies at the other, kill everybody and save everything simultaneously. Don't be afraid: you are an apocalypse dreaming of butterflies + the first part of reincarnation is dying...

Rejoice, Earthmen, for the end is here! Break out the Hookah and that small brown bottle in your shaving kit, cause it's gonna be a wild ride from here on out!! As the layers of reality blend, Casanova must gamble all in one last, Booster Gold, hail mary pass through the multiverse that will certainly end is his death, but perhaps his rebirth as well. RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!