(W) Tim Callahan

... Animals make the world go ‘round. We need them for food and to help us make food. We need them to make medicine and to help us make medicine that doesn’t hurt us. That is their fucking lot in life – as I see it. There are people that think we shouldn’t eat them or make clothes out of them or do any science with them. I’m not in that camp. I think humans – for all their fucking problems – are the top of the heap. All the rest of the creatures are subordinate.

When I say people should treat pets like they know they are living thinking creatures I mean it. Pets aren’t gadgets. Pets can help you get laid. Cars can help you get laid. Bitching watches work with some people. Piles of dope does it sometimes. Pets? I think pets can be effective but they should be used in the context of their living and breathing and thinking ness. Know what I mean? Respect the living thing man!