(W/A) Milo Manara

Milo Manara''s landmark collaboration with Dark Horse continues with the premier volume of Manara Erotica, a sumptuous companion to the Manara Library! A master of storytelling and of the human form, Manara has created some of the sexiest comics ever published, all of which are included in this deluxe, three-volume series. Volume 1 is anchored by all four parts of Manara''s internationally acclaimed Click! A beautiful but passionless woman is plunged into a hilarious, world-spanning adventure when she is implanted with a remote-controlled chip able to unlock her inner lustfulness. Manara classics Rendezvous in B-flat (a.k.a. Fatal Rendezvous) and The Last Tragic Day of Gori Bau & the Callipygian Sister round out this dazzling compilation, a must-own for any fan of European comics.

BRING ON THE PORN!! Ahem, I mean... Here in America, porn has earned a nasty reputation, filled with images of badly produced movies and poorly drawn comics that serve only as 5 min entertainment when no one else is around. In Europe, they have, much like with other genres of comics, treated erotica as a legitimate form of storytelling, complete with full plot lines and meaningful characters that are fleshed out over multiple volumes, instead of just serving as objects of desire. Manara is one of the greatest talents to ever dabble in this field with his mastery of the female form, oozing with actual sensuality!! RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!