(W/A) Ted McKeever

What's considered normal on Venice Beach is totally outrageous everywhere else. So when the radioactively-mutated MONDO shows battling a hoard of mutated chickens, a gang of tattooed babies and a giant monster from the ocean's depths, all amidst the Mayor's dredging up the beach shoreline in search of a legendary Ferris wheel, you've got the making of an all-out gargantuan battle the likes the balmy town has never seen before!

BAGAWWWKK!! Make way Venice Beach, there's a new radiated muscle man on the boardwalk! Empowered with deadly chicken radiation, Mondo must battle the worst the beach has to offer in a bizarro version of even the Hulk's strangest radiated rumbles! Delve into the twisted mind of Ted McKeever -- IF YOU DARE! RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!