(W) Jonathan Ross  (A) Bryan Hitch

Welcome to AMERICA'S GOT POWERS! It's the biggest TV show on Earth, where the chance to win fame, fortune and get laid are dangled in front of a generation of super-powered teens. All they have to do is WIN. Who is the fastest, the strongest or the greatest? Who survives? Young Tommy Watt's dreams of being the greatest hero of them all might just be shattered when the greatest show on the planet begins to reveal it's dark heart.

Forget America's got talent, this is the kind of televison people want to watch! From Jonathan Ross, one of Britain's most popular television hosts, comes a story pulled directly from the headlines of tomorrow! It's hard enough being a teenager, but when you've got super-powers and the world is watching, how far will you go to attain fame, fortune and groupies? Who will you have to trample and what dark secrets lie in your past, waiting to be dredged up and used as ammunition in the war of celebrity stardom?! RECOMMENDED BY PERRY!