(W) Jonathan Hickman  (A) Ryan Bodenheim


A man gets shot in London, a law firm gets broken into in Washington, an accountant gives away the password to his computer, and something put to sleep 20 years ago awakens. What is the unsavory relationship all these things share, and how could it bring down two of the largest governments in the history of the world?

It's SECRET, a brand new, ongoing, monthly comic from the creators of A RED MASS FOR MARS.

Brought to you by award-winning writer JONATHAN HICKMAN and break-out talent, RYAN BODENHEIM, SECRET is an espionage thriller that takes a deep look into the shadow world existing between the government and private security firms.

Hot on the heels of the successful, "Manhattan Projects", Hickman brings us another look into the shady underworkings of the men who rule our lives. After the insightful and often scary factoids from "Nightly News", I'm almost scared to discover what Hickman has uncovered in his secret life of political espionage. Make the switch to Image and find out what comic creators can accomplish when freed from borders of the Big 2!! RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!