(W) Tim Seely  (A) Franchesco Gaston

The newly resurrected Bloodstrike team is sent against Cabbot's dad: the supervillian QUANTUM! Meanwhile, Cabbot is high in the mountains of Afghanistan fighting...mummies?!

Rekindle the violence loving, 14 year old boy inside yourself with one of the most intense comics to come out of image since the days of the original EXTREME studios!! Seriously, this book has got giant techo mummies with pincer lined, worm like bodies and freaking gatling guns for hands!! Cabbot literally rips the flesh off this thing's face, then spikes him in the head; all while holding in his own intenstines!!! OH SO AWESOME!! (Warning: do not buy if you're easliy offeneded or looking for something high brow and intelligent.) RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!