(W/A) Joshua Luna

Sam has a wild imagination. However, as his supernatural ability allows him to see things the human eye cannot and should not see, the more reality will prove to be stranger-and more hellish-than he could ever imagine. JOSHUA LUNA of THE LUNA BROTHERS (ULTRA, GIRLS, THE SWORD) makes a solo debut with a dark, supernatural thriller that questions free will and explores the obsessions, addictions and urges we all have and may not have control of at all.

As the day unfolds into the dark recesses of your subconscious, people and places meld into a disconnected stream of images that become both memories and premonitions, blurring the line of dream and reality. Joshua Luna aims to widen that gap, taking us into the shadowy corners of our mind where horrors beyond imagination lay, just waiting for us to lose control and give in to our destructive nature. Will Sam be able to maintain control, or ultimately become what he fears most? RECOMMENDED BY ERIN!