(W) Matt Fraction  (A) Gabriel Ba

On the run from ten thousand parallel worlds that want him dead, Casanova Quinn fights for his life inside his dying father's E.M.P.I.R.E. He's figured out the biggest secret in the world and now he and his girlfriend from beyond tomorrow, Sasa Lisi, embark on a ferocious triple-cross that means they'll either win it all or spend forever in hell. Or heck. Or somewhere awful, trust me. 32 FULL-COLOR PAGES that have come from the future to MESS YOU UP.

Navigating the space time continuum can be hard, especially when your on a monthly schudle, but never fear, Fraction and Ba are back with more spychedelic madness! Full of more ins and outs than the ol' duder can keep in his head, Casanova is faced with attacks from all angles and dimensions, leaving him with just one hail mary to win it all... RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!!