(W/A) Hugo Pratt

Treasure hunter, sailor, and adventurer, Corto Maltese remains one of the most popular characters from graphic literature in Europe and maintains a devoted cult following among American readers and creators. Originally published in 1967, Corto Maltese: The Ballad of the Salt Sea introduces our hero for the first time. The story begins with Corto Maltese adrift at sea in the Pacific during World War I. He is picked up by a Russian pirate/privateer named Rasputin. The graphic novel follows Corto and the adventure that ensues.

After years of lingering in the depths of out of print limbo, Hugo Pratt's long running masterpiece of adventure returns with newly translated and restored edtions for a new generation of English speaking readers! A huge influence on Paul Pope, Pratt is a must have for anyone enjoying the recent Moebius or Manara reprints, as well as fans of Tin Tin and Terry and the Pirates. Add to the fact that it's only $25 for a fully color trade, there is no excuse not to pick this up! RECOMMENDED BY ERIN!!