(W/A) Jeremy Bastian

Adventures on and under the high seas lead a cursed pirate girl to encounter mythic creatures, gnarled and crusty pirates, and ghostly apparitions as she tries to find her lost father, one of the dreaded Pirate Captains of the mythical Omerta Seas. A whimsical swashbuckling tale of wonderland journeys and unimaginable dangers, starting in Port Elisabeth, Jamaica in the year 1728, and quickly heading across-and beneath-the waves. The first three issues are collected with an all-new epilogue.

Break out your magnifying glasses because one of the most sought after, damn near impossible to find comics of last year is finally collected as it was meant to be seen in a handsome hardcover book! Seriously, the art in this book is so intricately detailed that it is a wonder Bastian finished it before going blind! Capturing the pure essence of what most fantasy books are missing these days, Bastian has created an intricate world of wonder where every ship, every treasure trove, every secret map is a gateway to the endless caverns of a child's imagination. RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!