(W) Mike Baron (A) Steve Rude

First the headaches, then the nightmares of mass murderers who must die . . . by his hand, the hand that wields the energy of a living sun, the hand of Nexus. Possessing limitless power, Nexus is the greatest avenger in history, but his power and purpose come from an alien race with their own agenda. Is Nexus hero or pawn? Deliverer or destroyer? God or devil? Contains Nexus Volume 1 #1-3, Nexus volume 2 #1-11.

One of the greatest comics to emerge from the creator owned boom of the 80's, Nexus blends Sci-Fi space odyssey, social commentary and hard core violence, all tempered within the structure of an old school Super-Hero comic. Much like Dredd, Nexus is judge, jury and executioner who is driven by terrible headaches to obey the will of the mysterious Merk and destroy would-be dictators across the galaxy. Featuring jaw dropping art by Steve Rude who manages to imbue every panel with a brilliant mixture of classic illustration and silver age Super-Hero books, culminating in a graceful dance that most artists can only ever hope to achieve. RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!