(W) Nick Spencer  (A) Riley Rossmo

Fillmore Press was once Madder Red, a homicidal maniac and criminal overlord who terrorized the town of Bedlam for years. Then he got better. This is what happens next. A double-sized introduction to a blood-soaked cityscape of murder, mayhem, and mystery by NICK SPENCER (MORNING GLORIES, THIEF OF THIEVES) and RILEY ROSSMO (REBEL BLOOD, GREEN WAKE)!

Can people truly change who they once were or are we forced to merely play the hand we are dealt? This is the question asked by Spencer and Rossmo's new macabre murder mystery, Bedlam. Dropping just in time for Halloween, this first issue is filled cover to cover with mayhem, violence and a blood soaked descent into the very depths of madness. While I may not be the biggest fan of Spencer, I love Rossmo's gritty, ink stained art and his ability to translate the most horrific of scenes into psychotic masterpieces. RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!