Our first ever comic round table will take place on Wednesday, January 11th from 6:30-8:00 PM at the downtown store. All are invited to stop by and converse with the local geek community. All topics related to comic books are welcome, but we are trying to keep this as positive as possible, not just a bitch session where everybody jumps on Rob Liefeld (just kidding, Rob......and everyone who likes him).

Seriously though, we are trying to recreate that feeling before the internet when you met someone else who read comics and instantly there was a connection. Being such a solitary hobby, it was amazing to be able to converse with someone else who knew the same inside jokes as you, lived in the same universes as you and understood why you'd spend money on funny books.

On the other hand, don't be shy if you are new to comics, don't read mainstream stuff, don't know the first appearance of whoever or crap like that. Be proactive in your love for comics and let your voice be heard! Also, we need a name for this thing, cause i don't really like round table. Whoever shows up with a good name gets a bona fide No-Prize or something like that.

Hope to see you all there!!