GOON #37

(W/A) Eric Powell

When several workers die in a girdle-factory fire due to poor safety conditions and an out-of-control taco cart, the union is in an uproar. But when the fat cats bring in a supernatural union buster, there's only one man for the workers to turn to: The Goon.

Alright people, it is time to preach the gospel of the Goon! I was shocked and appalled last month to find out that there were even stores across the country who didn't carry it at all! This has to stop here and now!! What other book will you find giant Spanish speaking lizards? Mob boss octopus men that run the docks? The freaking queen of burlesque? And of course, Peaches Valentine. If you don't know the madness that is the Goon, do yourself a favor and pick this issue up or Franky will give you the ol' knife to the eye!! RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!