The first ever Zanadu Long Table event was certified success last night as more than two people actually showed up! Big thanks to everyone who attended and we hope that you all ahd enough fun to show up for the second edition during the second week of February. Will Harris, who runs the blog, Comics Blend, wrote up a far nicer review than I on his blog, so be sure to check it our when you get a chance.

For the second edition we will be doing a book club type of thing where everyone reads a new issue and then discusses it when we meet. This month's issue is PROPHET #21 by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy, which ships next week 1/18/12. If anyone else would like to join feel free and hopefully we'll see some new faces next time! We'd love to hear your suggestions about what topics to discuss as we are just the host and want to know what YOU actually want to talk about! So please don't be a stranger and we hope to see you again on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8th! Bring friend!!