Here at Zanadu, we have always prided ourselves on stocking indy and small press comix that you cannot find anywhere else. It is our goal this year to make a serious push in highlighting the vibrant comix scene that exists here in the northwest. We are asking anyone who makes comix to come down to the store and drop off copies of whatever you happen to be working on t...o become part of our soon to be expanded local section.
We understand how hard it is to not only make comix, but to market them and hopefully make enough back to cover printing costs. All items are on a consignment basis for a period of about 1-2 months with a 50/50 split of the cover price. After the sell cycle is over we then cut you a check for what sold and return unsold copies to you. You can also leave the extra copies with us and will be paid when and if they sell. Check back here and on our Facebook page for future updates and information.