After years of being out of print, RED STAR is finally back on the shelves, direct from Christian Gossett himself!! All 4 books are available and come signed by Gossett.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

 The Red Star is a world much like our own, except that Military Industrial Sorcery has made the armies of the many different nations capable of incredible destruction. Every soldier is a trained sorcerer, armed with weaponry engineered to amplify their power.

The dark secret of this world is the source of this godlike power: The Imprisoned Afterlife. The leaders of the world's nations have discovered the secret of containing the souls of the dead and transforming these souls into a new form of energy.

Unknown to the majority of humankind, the death of every human being means the imprisonment of another soul, and therefore the birth of another unit of Post Human Energy or PHE.

PHE, human souls, are the source unit of Military Industrial Sorcery, as well as the foundation of the true world economy. The spirit world has been transformed into a damnation of mankind's own design.

The Heroes of The Red Star have discovered this secret and have taken it upon themselves to descend into the Imprisoned Afterlife, lay siege to its prison fortresses and liberate the souls of their ancestors.

Inhabitants of the world of The Red Star also commonly use abilities which we would find quite unusual. From Telepathy to Telekinesis and Teleportation, inhabitants of this sometimes harsh and overpowering realm are well-equiped to deal with its dangers and opportunities.
Still, epic power leads to epic dangers, and even the most confident of PHE users often find that they who live by the sword... well, you know the rest.