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Vampirella Snow Globe

Vampirella Snow Globe with box.JPG
Vampirella Snow Globe with box.JPG

Vampirella Snow Globe


Designed by Manuel Carrasco

Sculpted by Susumu Sugita

With a statue and action figure already achieving wide success, Moore plunged into uncharted territory with an all-new creation — the Vampirella Snowglobe. Never before had this iconic character been represented in such an elegant fashion. The snowglobe placed a completely original sculpture of Vampirella within a water-filled globe, resting on a heavy base as intricately sculpted as everything Moore has ever done. Placing Vampirella within this glass globe seemingly transported her to a totally different world on the verge of destruction. The gnarled tree trunks, chipped bricks, cold stone—all seem to be signs of a world in decay. Yet there she stands, arm extended lovingly to a bat, unmoved and unafraid. Limited to 3000 pieces.


Shipping - $36 (Large)

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