While we would all like to make it into the comic shop on Wednesday, life does tend to get in the way, but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on your favorite comics!! Start a pull box today and get your books safely tucked away until your next visit!



  • 5 monthly minimum titles

  • Credit card authorization.  We do not charge the card as the books come out, but keep it on file in case terms of contract are breached and you do not pick up your comics in a timely fashion. If after multiple attempts to contact there is no response, we will charge the card.
  • The Previews order catalogue is a required purchase. This is used to add/drop titles as well as pre-order other items such as Graphic Novels, t-shirts, toys and more. It ships the last week of every month and we sell this to you at cost, $2.99. We will be happy to show you how to use the catalogue if you are unfamiliar.
  • All orders from the Previews are due the 15th of every month. You can also add/drop titles at any time by emailing us at
  • Orders run two months in advance, so if you want to drop a title, you will still be required to pick up the next one or two issues as they will have been already on order.
  • All comics in box need to be picked up every one or two weeks. Monthly pickup is available as well, we just need to know ahead of time.
  • View the full contract here


We can also set customers up on a special order basis for those who only pick up one or two titles, but still want them held to ensure availability. This method does require a deposit of HALF the purchase amount.

Please call (206-443-1316) or email ( with any questions!!