Nemesis Enforcer #4 (Winter)


Nemesis Enforcer #4 (Winter)


The rain begins. The city heaves. The wind howls. Winter is here and it belongs to those waiting in the shadows.
Strangers, friends and foes alike seeking shelter from the eroding drizzle of new Seattle emerge under a banner of love and independence to reclaim the true soul of the city that binds us through the mystical sequential arts! 80% Studios and Profanity Hill invite you to fall through the cracks and discover 28 pages of blood, sweat and tears from the best artists holding it down in Seattle’s comix underground.

New year. New you. New NEMESIS!!

The future of 2016 is here!
Presented by 80% Studios and Profanity Hill

Featuring cuts from//

80% Studios’ Dimi Macheras and Casey Silver (
Jazor Spark ( and Darin Shuler (
Mike McGhee (
Adam Vick (
Sail (
Boulet (

//covers by Syd Bee (

Available at Zanadu Comics and Arcane Comics in Seattle
Or around the world at

All proceeds go to benefit the sacred machine that is Nemesis Enforcer



Hometown Heroes and Roughneck Thugs

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