Nemesis Enforcer #3 (Fall)

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Nemesis 3.jpg

Nemesis Enforcer #3 (Fall)


As the night steals back time from her eternal brother and the shadows of our subconscious come out for a one night performance, the third issue of Seattle’s premiere local anthology creeps under your door like a Lovecraftian nightmare.

80% Studios and Profanity Hill bring you another 32 pages of trippy tricks and treats from the best artists holding it down in the Seattle Comic Book underground!

Featuring cuts from//

Dimi Macheras and Kelly Wooster
Jazor Spark
Mike McGhee and Mac Hamilton
Mark Falkey
Morgan JK Brown and Sam Wilson
Syd Bee
Mark Allender
Gregory Prout

//covers by SAIL (USELESSARM)

All proceeds go to benefit the sacred machine that is Nemesis Enforcer

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