Nemesis Enforcer #2 (Summer)


Nemesis Enforcer #2 (Summer)



The time of liberation has come. Against the sweltering neon backdrop of the Seattle summer, a chant can be heard. Soft at first…then louder… Louder…LOUDER!! Nemesis! Enforcer! NEMESIS! ENFORCER!!

The battle cry has been heard. The war horn sounded. Seattle’s premiere local anthology is back with another 28 pages of mind ripping, soul searing sequential art from the best artists holding it down in Seattle’s comic underground.

Featuring cuts from–

Corey Lewis The Reyyy
80% Studios’ Dimi Macheras and Casey Silver
Jazor Spark
Syd Bee
Sail Byrnes
Leo Rauf
Mmmmmike McGheeeee
Morgan JK Brown

Published by 80% Studios and Profanity Hill.

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