Perry Plush


President and Janitor

Start of servitude: Summer of 1965, a handful of comics at camp. My passion and my vice ever since.

Favorite Comic: Too many favorites, but it all started with Stan lee, Jack Kirby, Joe Orlando, Vince Colleta, Wally Wood, Gene Colan, John Romita and John Buscema. Barry Windsor-Smith and Conan brought me back to comics after finding girls and cars.

Currently Reading: Brothers of the Spear Dark Horse Archives and Prince Valiant Sunday strips.

Best part of the job: Sharing and finding great homes for all the comics, graphic novels and statues. Comics just get better and better.


J Howard Boyd

Manager/General Kvetch


Start of servitude: 1995

Favorite Comic:  The Flash (Circa 1970), Swamp Thing (Alan Moore), Manhunter (Goodwin and Simonson)

Currently Reading:  Popeye, Star Trek, Batmanga

Best part of the job:  Introducing new readers to the joys of Graphic storytelling.



King of the Peons


Start of servitude:  September 2006

Favorite Comics: The Invisibles, Jack Kirby's Fourth World

Currently Reading: Copra, Prophet, Blame!

Best part of the job: Helping people discover stories that have changed my life and will hopefully change theirs as well.



Surly Salesclerk


Start of servitude: 2000

Favorite Comic: Bone, Castle Waiting, Sleeper

Currently Reading: Batman, Fatale, Rachel Rising, Hawkeye, Saga

Best part of the job: When people come back in after reading something that I've recommended to cuss me out because they liked it so much.




black booster gold final.jpg

Start of servitude:  2008

Favorite Comic:  Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

Currently Reading:  Batman Inc., Legend of Luther Strode, Copra, FF, Prophet

Best part of the job:  Having the better part of a century's worth of pop history at my fingertips with all the back issues.


Sam Gobbldigook

Video Monkey


Start of servitude:  2012

Favorite Comics:  Y: The Last Man, Chew

Currently Reading: Thor: God of Thunder, Saga, The Metabarons, Captain Marvel

Best part of the job: Getting back into the front line of comics




Low Man on the Totem Pole


Start of servitude:   July 2011 - May 2012

Favorite Comic:   Seaguy, Human Target

Currently Reading:   Starman, Shade the Changing Man (Ditko)

Best part of the job:   Discovering lost gems when handling back issues.



Attic Troll/Justin B. Impersonator


Start of servitude: 2011-Early 2012

Favorite Comic: Avengers Academy, Alpha Flight vol. 1, Exiles

Currently Reading: Bone, the New 52, Generation Hope

Best part of the job: Being around the old comics, and seeing all of crazy things that happen in the store.